Are Essential Oils Okay To Use Around Dogs?

Essential oils are growing in popularity as more people experience the many positive effects they bring to the home. However, as more homes use these oils, questions of essential oil safety become more of a concern. Let’s talk about one of today’s most common questions — are essential oils ok to use around dogs?

When it comes to essential oils and dogs the answer is a general “yes.” For the most part pets and essential oils go hand in hand, but there are some important guidelines that dog owners need to be aware of to keep their canine family members safe.

Be sure to contact a veterinarian with any questions about essential oil safety concerning dogs. Many veterinarians use essential oils in their offices to help with their practice, and they can help make sure essential oils and dogs keep a harmonious relationship.

When using essential oils around dogs, remember: ingested essential oils and dogs or other pets do not make great friends. Pets should never be be given essential oils to eat, drink, or swallow. When using essential oils on dogs they should be either diffused into the air or diluted and applied topically.

When diffusing oils, be sure animals have access to leave the room where the oils are being diffused, and never put a diffuser in any animal crate or confined sleeping area.

If when applying oils topically to pets, be sure to dilute the oil significantly. Until seeing how a particular pet and essential oil react with each other, it’s best to start with a 1-2% dilution (3-6 essential oil drops per 10ml [2 teaspoons] of carrier oil).

It is important to learn what essential oils are okay to use around dogs. Different oils affect different animals in different ways. Some oils that owners love might be harmful for their pets. When it comes to essential oils and dogs, owners should stay away from using oils with a high ketone or phenol content. For example, basil, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, wintergreen, eucalyptus, thyme, and tea tree (this list is not exhaustive). However, there are also lots of oils that dogs love:

  1. Cedarwood: This oil repels pests and helps dogs grow a shiny, strong coat of fur.
  2. Peppermint: Works wonders against pet odors and helps repel all kinds of pests.
  3. Myrrh: Myrrh helps pets fight allergies and also promotes healthy fur growth.
  4. Clary Sage: Diffusing Clary Sage can help calm nervous and anxious dogs.
  5. Ginger: Supports good digestion and helps with dogs’ arthritis.
  6. Helichrysum: When used topically, Helichrysum helps relieve all sorts of animal pains.

When used correctly, pets and essential oils are a match made in heaven. When in doubt, many of the essential oil safety tips that apply to humans can apply to dogs as well — remember that all pets react may react to all oils in a different way, just like humans. It’s generally better to use too little of an oil than too much. If a dog is acutely ill, its best to take them to a health care professional rather than try and cure them in the home.

As a final note, be sure to use only 100% pure essential oils, then dilute them for pet use. Cheap essential oils can have impurities or synthetic fragrances which may be harmful to pets. Davina Wellness essential oils are 100% pure and are safe for pet use. Conveniently shop online and pick up some oils and get the pet pampering started!

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