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Progress Journal

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Instructional Videos

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Sleep Guide


We’re excited for you to begin your journey to wellness! Armed with this deluxe sample kit there’s a solution within your reach that’s just right for you! Your condition can be caused by multiple factors, so what works for one person may not work for another. And often, you may need multiple solutions to find complete relief. So follow this guide and be on your way to relief in 30 days or less!     

  1. PRODUCT ROADMAP. The ‘roadmap’ is the instruction manual which suggests which product to take first, second, and so-on. The first products are foundational remedies which nourish the nervous system and supply the critical building blocks to produce the neurotransmitters & hormones which provide a sense of well-being. After you establish this foundation, if you need more relief, you will add one-by-one the additional remedies which contain ingredients backed by scientific research to relieve your condition. 
  2. PROGRESS JOURNAL. This journal is critical to helping you keep track of what you are doing on a day-to-day basis. With it you can see incremental improvements that may otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten, and also see patterns over time. This will help you more easily determine how each remedy is affecting individual symptoms and whether it is right for you. We cannot overemphasize the importance of this in your journey back to wellness!
  3. EVALUATION” DECISION TREE. This decision tree will help you determine the effectiveness of an intervention and walks you through the decision of whether to continue taking it, add an additional remedy, etc.  
  4. NON-MEDICINAL SOLUTIONS. Another large piece of the wellness puzzle that you need to address are the dysfunctional thoughts & behaviors that are contributing to, and reinforcing your condition. See the “Non-Medicinal Solutions” section in this guide for ideas on how to address those dysfunctions.
  5. ONLINE RESOURCES. Additional resources and information online exclusive just for BrainBox Customers
  6. EXCLUSIVE COUPON. As a BrainBox customer, you’ll get a deep discount on the full-size bottles of the products that work for you!