3 Essential Oils Every Teacher Needs to have in the Classroom

As fall comes into view, it means one thing — school is right around the corner. Teachers have a big role to play in making sure their students have a beneficial experience this Fall as they head back to school. Luckily for teachers, Davina Wellness essential oils are here to help teachers in the classroom. Essential oils can do a lot to help teachers out — from keeping students happy and focused, to keeping teachers calm and  relaxed.

Of course, teachers will want to check with their school to make sure it’s ok to use essential oils in the classrooms — each school with have its own rules. Diffusing oils may be ok, but topical application of oil may not be. It’s always safer to double check with administration rather than risk breaking any rules.

In order to get the effects of oils to the most students possible, we recommend teachers use diffusers. If you’re not sure how to use a diffuser, or you still need to pick one up, check out our diffusers page to find one that best fits your classroom. To help teachers get started using essential oils in the classroom, we’ve compiled a list of our top three essential oils that every teacher needs to have on hand:

  1. Focus Pocus

Keeping a child focused on a task can be challenging. Take that challenge and multiply it by 30, and you have a teacher’s job every single day. Focus Pocus is perhaps the best essential oil for school because it helps student keep their minds on track. This blend of Cedarwood, Vetiver, Frankincense and other oils is particularly effective for students with ADD. Simply diffuse a few drops during work time and watch them go!

  1. Body Armor

Even though most schools maintain high sanitation levels, and most teachers diligently clean their classrooms —the fact of the matter is that germs can spread rapidly when you pack lots of kids into a small space. That’s where Body Armor comes in. Diffusing Body Armor essential oil helps purify the air and when inhaled, the oils help strengthen the immune system. The blend of Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, and other oils is especially useful during winter months. During “cold season” this is one of the best essential oils to stop germs in their tracks and keep students (and teachers) healthy .

  1. Zentered

Zentered is a natural blend of forest oils that lets users feel calm, centered, and grounded. During lectures and reading time, it’s easy for students to start feeling antsy and fidgety. Zentered essential oil helps create an environment that’s peaceful, relaxing, and serene. This oil isn’t just for the students- it’s for teachers too! Working with children all day can be stressful, and this oil can help teachers keep their cool and get through even the toughest of days.

Essential oils can do a lot to make school easier for both teachers and students. Whether you’re a teacher looking to create a better environment for students, or a parent looking for the perfect gift for a special teacher — all of the 3 oils mentioned above are a great option. Always remember that if you plan on applying essential oils topically on children, the oil should be diluted. Davina Wellness sells the above oils in our popular roll-on bottles which are already diluted and are ready-to-use topically. For more information on how to use essential oils you can check out each oil’s product page on Davina’s website.

If you want to use even more oils in the classroom you can learn about cleaning your classroom with essential oils for a natural clean that smells amazing.

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