Are Davina’s oils therapeutic grade?

screenshot_347Yes, our oils are therapeutic grade in that they are 100% pure, unadulterated and of the highest quality. ‘Therapeutic grade’ is sometimes used as a marketing effort to make it seem like oils have been ‘graded’ by a governing body that uses standardized quality parameters to issue a grade or a certification for oils. There is no such system of grading. Therapeutic components, and the concentration and potency of a therapeutic constituent present in an oil, can be higher or lower depending on many variables we discuss in our Sourcing Oils article.


Because the therapeutic qualities of an oil are based on their composition of active components, there are oils that are more or less therapeutic. We source our oils based on which the ideal conditions that bring out the best in each plant (soil condition, correct altitude, etc). Which means we are selecting oils that have the highest therapeutic effects – they are potent, they are pure, and they are quality
We are proud to offer oils that are 100% pure, free from additives & unaltered. Our uncompromising commitment to quality, means we maintain the most meticulous third party testing standards available. We use GC/MS, HPLC, Organoleptic, Chiral, C-14 Naturalness, Optical Rotation and Refractive Index, Specific Gravity, and Microbial testing to ensure our customers receive the finest quality oils, free from any additives, residues, heavy metals, dilutions or alterations of any type. See our PPQ Certification page for more information about the quality tests we perform.

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