6 Ways To Use Basil Oil

There are so many essential oils, and so many uses for each individual oil, that it can sometimes be hard to figure out how to use some of the oils in our collections. In a single article we could never go over every single essential oil, but today we at Davina Wellness want to break down all our favorite uses for a single all-star oil:Basil.


Basil is a very versatile essential oil. Much like Peppermint or Lavender, the list of potential uses goes on and on. Here are our top six ways to make use of the potent Basil Essential Oil.


Sore Muscle Relief

Basil Oil is spectacular for easing the discomfort caused by sore or overworked muscles. Just apply a few drops directly to the affected area (diluting as needed) and massage it into the skin. As a bonus, diluting with oils such as coconut oil will make the massage feel even better and easier to apply over a larger area of your body.


Enhance Focus

Diffuse Basil oil while studying, reading, or doing other work to take mental focus to a new level. The oil helps relax the mind while enhancing attentiveness.


Promote Clear Breathing

Just in time for the upcoming fall and winter months, Basil Oil can be used to clear up sinus passages and help families breath better. As a bonus, any home diffusing Basil Oil will have a fresh, savory smell!


Flavor Food

When asking yourself how to use essential oils like Basil Oil, don’t forget one of the simplest ways–as a flavor booster! Many recipes call for either fresh or dried basil. A drop or two of Basil Essential oil can be used as a substitute for either of these and can help make food healthier as well as tastier. Other essential oils can do this too, such as Cinnamon, Ginger, Peppermint, and Thyme.

(Note that not all essential oils are of a high enough quality to be consumed. All Davina Wellness essential oils are safe for consumption, but if you use another brand, make sure it’s safe to ingest.)


Increase Energy

Basil Essential Oil is an energy booster. One of the quickest ways to get a fresh, natural “pick-me-up” is to apply a drop or two to the bottom of each foot, and get back to work!


Fight Earaches

Basil Oil has an interesting ability to ward off earaches. Dilute the oil to a 2-5% dilution, and swap it around the outside of the ear. A small amount can also be used directly on the ear, but be sure not to get any inside the ear, as essential oils can be too intense for the delicate skin of the inner ear.


This list of how to use Basil Essential Oil is far from comprehensive, but it gives lots of ways to get started. For more tips on how to use essential oils, stop by our articles on Spike Lavender, Litsea, and Black Pepper.

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