7 Simple Ways to Clean Using Essential Oils

Essential oils can be a big help when it comes to cleaning the home. Davina’s Body Armor essential oil blend can be used to kill germs, eliminate odors, and remove stains. Best of all, cleaning with essential oils will keep the whole family safe from potential harmful chemicals. Here are 7 easy ways to get started cleaning with essential oils:


Bathtub: Combine Body Armor, baking soda, and a little water into a heavy, creamy paste. Apply to bathtub scum and let soak for a few minutes. Wipe clean with a cloth or sponge and rinse.


Sink: Mix 3 cups of water with 10 drops of Body Armor in a spray bottle. Shake the container vigorously before spraying. Spray dirty surfaces and wipe away with a cloth.


Floor: Combine 20 drops of Body Armor, 1 gallon of water (4 liters), and ⅛ cup of white vinegar. Mix the ingredients well in a bucket and use it to mop floors.


Toilet: Combine 1 cup of water with 7 or 8 drops of Body Armor in a spray bottle. Spray the inside and outside of the toilet bowl (spray a few extra sprays directly into the toilet water!)

Let it cleaner soak for 15 minutes, then scrub the inside with a brush and wipe the outside with a sponge. Flush toilet to rinse.


Garbage Can: Rinse out garbage can with water (best done outside). Then put 15 drops of Body Armor in garbage can and fill with water. Allow about 2 hours to soak. Dump out water and allow can to dry. Put 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil on a cotton ball and place ball in bottom of trash can. Say goodbye to smelly garbage cans!


Glass: Stir up 5 drops of Orange essential oil, 1 teaspoon of White Vinegar, 6 drops of Body Armor essential oil and 3 cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray on glass or mirrors and wipe away with a soft, clean cloth.  


Wooden Surfaces: Mix 5 drops of Lemon essential oil, ½ cup of olive oil, and 3 drops of Body Armor essential oil in a small bowl. Dip a wet cloth in the solution and apply it to wooden surfaces. Allow to sit for 1 minute before wiping away with a dry cloth.

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