How to Prevent & Treat a Cold with Essential Oils

Most people are familiar with the stuffy, runny, drowsy misery that is the common cold. Some over the counter medications can be used to treat colds, but unfortunately no medication seems to work every time. For those who feel like their cold just won’t quit, there is another option to help relieve symptoms: natural remedies.

Essential oils can do a lot to help relieve a cold. Some oils can promote sleep, to help the body heal itself. Other oils can impair bacteria and viruses to help cleanse the body. As we head into cold season, Davina would like to offer some tips to help promote holistic health in the home through use of natural oils.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The best way to fight a cold is to prevent one from ever starting. Natural remedies are particularly effective at boosting this type of health. Research has proven that those who sleep 6 hours each night are 4 times more likely to catch a cold than those who sleep 7 hours each night. Sleep boosting oils can aid those who have trouble sleeping and help them get the 7-8 hours they need. A drop of lavender on each pillow will help make sure that everyone in the home is getting the rest they need.

Drink Lots of Water

Whether it’s to prevent a cold or fight one off, drinking lots of water each day is an excellent way to promote health. The problem is, some kids (and even some adults) put up quite a fight when it comes to drinking their 8 glasses each day. Essential oils can help with that. A drop or two of diluted essential oils can transform a boring glass of water into a refreshing, and healthy, treat. A single drop of diluted essential oil is often more than enough flavoring for an 8 ounce glass of water, and depending of your preferences can provide enough taste for 16 ounces. Just mix up a pitcher of your favorite flavored water in the morning and let everyone drink as much as they’d like! Some great flavors to try out include wild orange, lemon, lime, peppermint, lavender, and grapefruit.

Diffuse Oils to Combat Germs

During cold season we’re surrounded by germs. It’s practically impossible to keep a home germ free, but essential oils can help reduce the amount of germs present in the air and promote holistic health. Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils boosts health by opening airways while helping purify the air. Diffused oregano oil will bring antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties to anyone who breathes it. Lemon oil also has antibacterial effects, and the citrus aroma can make a sick home feel fresh and healthy.

Treat Colds as Quickly as Possible!

When signs of a cold start appearing, that’s the best time to nip it in the bud. Essential oil based health remedies can only do so much to heal a sick body, and if a cold is allowed to spread, healing could take a long time. When throats start scratching, noses start running, and sore muscles start appearing, that’s the time to strike with essential oils! Start diffusing oils, drinking essential oil infused drinks, and using oils to make sure you get plenty of sleep in order to avoid a long, drawn out sickness. When used early, natural remedies are much, much more effective!

When used properly, essential oils can do a lot to promote natural, holistic health. While oils can help families and individuals stay happy and healthy, it’s important to know their limits. If a condition is long lasting or severe, it’s a good idea to see a doctor. Essential oil health programs are best used as a preventative measure, rather than a reactive one, and if used frequently in combination with proper health practices, they can make a big difference.

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